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Marilou es una profesora de inglés con amplia experiencia y preparación.
Ha impartido clases en tres continentes, varios países de distintas culturas, y habla cuatro idiomas.
Puede impartir desde los cursos básicos hasta los avanzados, preparación de los exámenes de Cambridge y también está especializada en English Business, TOEFL y TOEIC.
Trabajadora incansable, inasequible al desaliento y con unos excelentes principios. Marilou, además, es una persona excelente. Simpática, comunicativa y divertida.
Ella es una de esas personas que se diría que tienen un don especial para enseñar. Sus clases son divertidas, amenas y muy productivas.
Su abuelo, de origen español, le decía de pequeña: “Marilou, aprende español, que un día te ha de servir en España”. Ella no le hizo mucho caso. Quien le iba a decir que después de vivir y enseñar en tantos lugares del planeta…. Vendría a la tierra de sus antepasados.
Es muy querida, valorada y apreciada por sus alumnos: tanto por la excepcional calidad de sus clases como por su gran valía como persona.
What did you study and what did you specialize in?
I studied B.S.Psychology at University. I did a course in ESL and EFL General Methodological Trends and I also took up a teaching training course from Oxford University Press.
What do you remember about your student years?
Well, my student years were the best years I had. I was a normal student who enjoyed many things about school. It was a new challenge and an opportunity to expand my horizons both educationally and personally. Of course, the social aspect was immense fun.
How and when did you start giving classes?
Back in the 80s, I used to travel around Asia, Europe and South America, and when I was in South America I decided to teach. I've been teaching English since then.
What do you do in Academia Paraninfo?
I teach General and Business English at all levels to people who want to learn to communicate effectively in today's world. I also help them prepare for the internationally recognised Cambridge, TOEIC and TOEFL exams.
Apart from English, what other languages do you speak?
I can speak Spanish, German, Filipino and a Visayan dialect.
What do you consider your most significant weaknesses?
I pay close attention to details which does result in a better quality of work and saves time down the road, though it does take more time front.
What do you consider your most significant strengths?
I have great communication skills and can deal with many different types of people of varying personalities. I get on well with anyone who delivers what they promise.
What defines you as a teacher? What is your way of giving classes?
I'm very patient and approachable. I try to focus on an integrated learning approach that is accessible to all levels and different learning styles.
What do you enjoy most about your work?
I get to meet people from all walks of life. Each class is different so work can never be tedious.
Has anything special ever happened in your classes, an anecdote that you recall?
I was teaching a B1 class a few years ago. It was a great group apart from one thing, all of them said: "What means ...? "instead of "What does...mean?". I felt I had to do something but nothing seemed to work. One day after hearing the mistake again. I said in desperation, If I hear "What means...?" again, I'll cry!" Almost immediately someone asked: "What means cry?" I laughed so much, I just couldn´t help it, It worked! I never heard the mistake in that class again.
How do you handle stress?
I’m not the type of person that gets stressed easily. However, if in an extreme circumstance I did start to get stressed, I’d look to the cause of it and try to find a solution.
How do you measure your own effectiveness?
By the results that I achieve. If there isn’t an existing measure, I’ll create one.
What have you personally got out of your career as an English teacher?
Without a doubt: Friends, thousands of experiences and the years rushing past.

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