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Stephen es uno de nuestros profesores nativos de inglés. La entrevista es íntegramente en su idioma nativo: El Inglés.
Su larga experiencia en nuestra academia de inglés en Madrid, su capacidad, su buen humor y su entusiasmo le han convertido en un profesor muy apreciado por sus alumnos y por sus compañeros.
Imparte los cursos de Inglés de los distintos niveles, y también cursos de inglés para empresas.
Stephen es un profesor joven, dinámico y carismático.

1) What did you study and in what did you specialize?

I studied economics at university and specialized in commercial economics focussing on the business side of things.

2) What do you remember about your student years? How do you look back on this time?

I remember it being a very exiting time in my life. Being treated like an adult for the first time and having all this responsibility was quit a shock. It was a lot of fun but also involved some late nights staying up and studying.

3) How and when did you start giving classes?

I have always been interested in teaching and on my arrival in Spain in 2005 I decided I would like to try and work in the field. I completed a TOEFL course and started working in Paraninfo.

4) What do you do in Paraninfo?

I teach English mainly in companies for Paraninfo but have few classes in the school. The reason for this is that I have found that my studies in economics give me a advantage when teaching in a business environment. I also do translations.

5) Apart from English, what other languages do you speak. Which would you like to perfect?
I am fluent in English and Dutch. I would say that I am almsot fluent in Spanish but would like to improve it just a bit more.

6) What is the best thing about you and what are your virtues?

A difficult question but I would say being friendly and trying to smile as much as possible. I would say my biggest virtue is patience!

7) What defines you as a teacher? What is your way of giving classes?

I would say I am very relaxed and try to make people feel comfortable. I like to present classes in a fun way, making sure that students learn something new each day. My goal is to make students leave the class with a smile and motivated to come back again not because they have to but because they want to.

8) What yo you enjoy most about your work?
Meeting new people, everyone one is different and has different needs. There is no greater gift than watching someone improving.

9) Has anything special ever happened in your classes or some anecdote that you recall?
Once students gave me a surprise birthday party, this was truly special and something I will never forget!

10) Has there been a student that has left his or her mark on you that for some or other reason you have not forgotten?

Well I remember once a student on her last day of class brought her guitar to class and had learnt a song in English and performed it for us. This was truly special and something I will never forget!

11) Would you like to add anything to our interview?

Just to say that teaching English has been a wonderful experience that it has had a everlasting influence on my life.


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